Autism Aviators

Autism Aviators is a mock travel day hosted every October at the Charlottetown Airport in partnership with the Autism Society of PEI. Individuals with ASD and their families are welcomed to the airport to experience airport processes first-hand, including check-in, baggage drop, security screening and boarding (no actual travel will take place). This event is for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families who have upcoming travel plans or who are considering travelling in the near future.

For more information about Autism Aviators, contact Nathalie Walsh at the Autism Society of Prince Edward Island at 902-566-4844 or

About the Program

Launched in 2017 by Autism Nova Scotia and Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Autism Aviators is a program that aims to ease the travel process for individuals on the autism spectrum. Because individuals with autism have a unique response to sensory stimulation and dislike unfamiliar situations or breaks from daily routine, this can present challenges when it comes to air travel. By becoming comfortable with airport processes, individuals with ASD and their families can familiarize themselves with air travel procedures and gain the confidence needed to participate in air travel in the future.


When travelling, always let your airline know in advance when you book your tickets that you have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and require additional accommodations. It is also important to let them know if you are flying on your own.

Below is a printable list of resources that will prepare you or your family for air travel, compiled by Autism Nova Scotia and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

Thank you to Autism Nova Scotia and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport for sharing these resources.