Business Park

The Airport Business Park offers tenants a strong positional advantage. The Park is located at Prince Edwards Island’s only commercial airport, which holds the only customs facility in the province. Additionally, the Airport Business Park is located in the capital city, Charlottetown, and is situated on the main thoroughfare for PEI. This centrally located prime commercial land for lease is ideal for both business commercial and light industrial uses and appeals to a wide cross section of industries.

The proximity of the airport to the downtown core is unique in that it is located much closer to the urban park than would be expected of most other airports. The Airport Business Park is essentially becoming part of the urban sprawl of the City of Charlottetown. This prime commercial land is fully serviced and ready for lease.

Currently, there are approximately 4 acres of serviced airside lots and 20 acres of groundside serviced lots. Additionally, there is a further 90 acres of un-serviced green field land to be developed as needed.

Business Park Map

  • Groundside Fully Serviced Lots
  • Airside Fully Serviced Lots
  • Existing Tenants
  • Proposed Future Lots

Site Development Geo-technical Characteristics

Soils reports have indicated that the subsurface encountered may be summarized as 0.7 to 1.0 m (average 0.8 m) of existing fill/rootmat/topsoil that overlies a competent native till soil. Neither bedrock nor the groundwater table were encountered within the depth investigated.

The conditions encountered are considered to be favourable for site development and building construction. Site preparation for proposed buildings and parking areas would require the removal of the existing fill/rootmat/topsoil and the subsequent placement of structural fill up to the required subgrade level. Pit-run sandstone (Select Borrow) is typically utilized as structure fill on PEI and is available in close proximity to the airport property.