Board of Directors

The Charlottetown Airport Authority (CAA) Board consists of 12 directors, 9 appointed by nominating entities and 3 appointed by the Board itself. Members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Steve Loggie
    Steve Loggie

    Charlottetown Airport Authority Inc.

  • Kathy Hambly
    Kathy Hambly

    Transport Canada

  • Nicole Phillips
    Nicole Phillips

    Transport Canada

  • Augus Orford
    Angus Orford

    Charlottetown Airport Authority Inc.

  • Perry Gotell
    Perry Gotell

    Tourism Industry Association of PEI

  • Patrick MacFadyen
    Patrick MacFadyen

    Charlottetown Airport Authority Inc.

  • Paul Kiley
    Paul Kiley

    Board Secretary

  • 0D3A0956
    Terry Shea

    City of Summerside

  • 0D3A0963
    Pam Montgomery

    Federation of PEI Municipalities

  • 0D3A0981
    Wendy MacIntyre

    Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce

  • 0D3A9022 (002)
    Khalid Shami

    Province of PEI

  • 8Y3A5614
    John Reddin

    City of Charlottetown

  • 8Y3A5601
    Ramona Doyle

    City of Charlottetown

Nomination & Terms

Representatives from each group are nominated for three-year terms and may serve a maximum of eight years on the board. In addition to the regular meetings, board members actively serve on various standing committees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Infrastructure & Development Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Nominating Committee

Executive Committee

  • Steve Loggie - Chair
  • Patrick MacFadyen - Vice Chair
  • Paul Kiley - Secretary
  • Terry Shea - Treasurer
  • Kathy Hambly - Member at Large
  • Doug Newson - Chief Executive Officer