Check In

Follow these tips to ensure smooth check-in and an enjoyable travel experience.

Check-In Deadline & Cut-off Times

Airlines have strict policies regarding check-in cut-off times. In the case of domestic travel, both Air Canada and WestJet check-in will close 45 minutes prior to departure.

Please check with your carrier to ensure your travel runs smoothly.

Check Your Flight Status

Call your airline’s toll-free number or visit their website to re-confirm your flight status before heading to the airport.

Self-service kiosk or Airline Desk Check-in

Self-service kiosks are also available for check-in and to obtain boarding passes. Self-service check-in kiosks are located in the Airline Check-in Area. Please note: At this time, self-service check-in kiosks can NOT print baggage tags. Please see your airline’s check-in desk for printing of baggage tags.

You can also visit your airline’s check-in desk for assistance checking in, to print your boarding passes, and to obtain baggage tags.

Travelling with carry-on only? If you have your boarding pass, you can proceed directly to security.

Online & Mobile Check-in

Save time and avoid lines by checking in online from your computer or mobile device. Most airlines allow online check-in 24-48 hours in advance of departure. You can print your boarding pass or have an electronic version delivered to your smartphone.

Allow Extra Time

With the increase of travellers during peak travel times (ex. Christmas, March Break, Summer), it is advisable to arrive at the airport at least two hour prior to your flight.

Tag Every Bag

Make sure that all checked and carry-on bags are tagged with identification information. Also include tags inside each bag in the event the outside tag falls off. You can save time by filling out luggage tags before arriving at the airport.