Flying a Drone

Fly your drone safely and legally.

Drones and aircraft don’t mix, so before you launch your drone, educate yourself on the rules. You could face serious penalties, including fines and/or jail time if you break the rules.

Important: You may not fly your unauthorized drone within 5.6km of the airport.

While flying

To keep yourself and others safe, fly your drone:

  • where you can see it at all times
  • below 122 metres (400 feet) in the air
  • away from bystanders, at a minimum horizontal distance of 30 metres for basic operations
  • away from emergency operations and advertised events
  • Avoid forest fires, outdoor concerts and parades

Away from airports or heliports

  • 5.6 kilometres (3 nautical miles) from airports
  • 1.9 kilometres (1 nautical mile) from heliports
  • outside controlled airspace (for basic operations only)

Far away from other aircraft

  • Don’t fly anywhere near airplanes, helicopters and other drones

To find out more, visit Transport Canada’s website: Transport Canada’s website