Arrive Early for Summer Flights

The Charlottetown Airport is once again reminding travellers to arrive early for summer flights this year. Due to the increased volume over June, July, August and September, passengers travelling in the early morning and early evening are advised to arrive 2 hours prior to their departure time to ensure that they have a seamless travel experience.

Longer check-in and security screening wait times may be experienced, particularly for flights departing prior to 8:00am and between 6:00-8:00pm.

“This summer we have a number of large aircraft departing close together, both in the morning and early evening. To ensure that our airline partners do not take delays, we are encouraging passengers to plan ahead. Summer is always a busy time and to avoid the lines and stress that can come from travelling, we are advising people to come a little earlier than normal,” says Airport CEO Doug Newson.

This advisory is applicable for the following flights:

AC 1709 – Departing @ 5:50am

AC 1687 – Departing @ 6:30am

WS 377 – Departing @ 6:30am

WS 387 – Departing @ 7:00pm

AC 1689 – Departing @ 7:20pm

Both Air Canada and WestJet have strict 45-minute cut-off times for domestic flights so passengers are encouraged to arrive well before this cut-off time and proceed through screening as soon as possible after check-in.

“We have been encouraging travellers to come early in the summer months for a number of years now and it does seem to work. Last summer went very smooth with minimal delays so we are hopeful this summer will be the same,” says Newson.
Air Canada and WestJet’s check in counters will open daily at 3:30am & 4:00am respectively to begin processing passengers.CATSA screening lines open at 3:45am and Budley’s Restaurant (both groundside and airside) will be open at 4am.

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