Charlottetown Airport Authority Completes Rehab of Runway 03-21

On Monday, October 22, construction on Runway 03-21 at the Charlottetown Airport was completed and the first aircraft to use the rehabilitated surface landed. The runway work, which began mid-April, was a critical infrastructure project valued at $18 million making it the largest infrastructure investment in the Airport’s history.

“Our main runway is once again operational, and I would like to thank the community, our passengers and our valued airline partners for their patience and cooperation during this work,” said Doug Newson, CEO of the Charlottetown Airport Authority (CAA).”This project was required for the continued safe operation of the airport today and into the future and I would be remised not to thank our funding partners; the government of Canada and the province of Prince Edward Island, as well as the men and women who worked tirelessly on this project for the last 6 months. They include members of the CAA team, Chapman Brother’s Construction Ltd, Hansen Electric Ltd., Avia NG and the many local companies and subcontractors who helped to complete the work.”

The completed work on Runway 03-21 included the rehabilitation of the runway and connecting taxiways Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Major components of the work were grading and drainage improvements, storm water replacement, electrical replacement, the construction of Runway End Safety Areas (RESA) at each runway end, and the reconstruction of the pavement structure.

The completion of this project means the Charlottetown Airport is the first airport in Canada with two runways to be TP312 5th Edition compliant, which are the latest Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices set out by Transport Canada.

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